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Dual Paddle Coils for P1000 PEMF Machine

Dual Paddle Coils for P1000 PEMF Machine

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This is an optional attachment for the P1000 Pulsed EMF machine sold on this site.

Twin 20 cm diameter coils encased in a zippered, soft vinyl covering.  Ideal for delivering a focused magnetic field over a small region such as the hip joints.  You can treat two areas of the body simultaneously with this attachment, as long as they are no more than four feet apart.

MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY (@ 8 pulses/second):

  • Level 1:  6,600 Gauss
  • Level 2:  7,282 Gauss
  • Level 3:  9,000 Gauss
  • Level 4:  11,690 Gauss
  • Level 5:  13,700 Gauss

Cord length:  ~ 6 feet.