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60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap
60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap
60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap
60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap
60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap

60 LED Red Light Therapy Wrap

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This red light therapy wrap is ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis; epicondylitis (golfer, tennis elbow) and sprained ankles.   It is a smaller version of our standard wrap designed to target smaller areas on the body.

Each light cell contains 1:1 660 nm red light to 850 nm near infrared emitters, for an actual total of 120 LEDs.  

This product is operated using a corded, handheld controller that plugs into a DC5V/2.1A USB electrical wall plug (not included), or into a USB power bank (optional).

For acute conditions, use 3x a day (in between ice application) for 20 minutes for 3 days; then 2x/day for a week until pain and swelling subsides.

  • Comes with a removeable, Velcro cover fabric that is washable. 
  • Controller switches to three modes: 660 nm red only; 850 nm near infrared (heat mode); and dual red and infrared for healing + pain relief.
  • Can be set to pulsed mode, and light intensity can be adjusted (Levels 1-5)
  • Set timer from 5-30 minutes in 5-minute increments; auto shut-off.
  • Each LED cell has an optical convex lens for evenly distributed light
  • Attach the controller to the USB power bank for portable use.

This is an excellent healthcare device to add to your collection.  Get on-demand relief for strains and sprains and be back to normal in a few days, without resorting to harmful medications or expensive doctor visits.

Red light therapy is known to reduce inflammation and enhance tissue repair while being safe to use, and is backed by numerous medical research studies.   However, if you have light-sensitive skin, check with a doctor first before using.

Package contents:

  • ONE (1) 60 LED wrap with removable lining
  • Elastic Velcro band
  • Controller cable with USB end (AC plug not included)
  • Can be ordered with or without power bank