RECLAIM Your Health in 2023 with Pulsed EMF and Red Light Technology!

Best Financing for Pulsed EMF Devices

Did you know that personal loans can be used to pay for your Pulsed EMF device, if you have decent (not necessarily excellent) credit and are employed?

Any financial expert will tell you that financing things (taking on debt) that improve your health and quality of life is a smart and sensible financial decision, just like financing higher education and a new home.  It is more of an investment than an expense, because you get lasting return/ benefit on your purchase.

With better health, you are happier and your quality of life is improved.  You are able to work and produce an income.  You are able to enjoy things that you couldn’t before.

The high-end, high power pulsed EMF devices do cost more, but they also deliver more electromagnetic field energy in a shorter period of time.  

They can also save you money exceeding the cost of the machine on various recurring, health-related expenses such as pain medications and doctor and therapist visits.  This should be taken into consideration when evaluating the price of these machines.

If you desire to purchase a Pulsed EMF machine to improve your health but do not have the finances upfront, applying for a personal loan may be an option for you.  Rates are currently as low as 4.49%! 

Simply click the Check Rates button below, which will take you to the NerdWallet page where you can find out more about these lenders and their requirements and apply online.  Scroll down further for instructions on how to use your loan funds to purchase your own PEMF machine on this site.

Lenders have their own minimum and maximum loan amounts, fees, repayment schedules, and credit rating terms.

Below are some of the best deals on loans for medical expenses, according to NerdWallet:

Check rates on medical loans




How To Use Your Loan Funds to Purchase a Pulsed EMF Machine on This Site

If you are approved for the loan and receive your funds, return to this site and order your product by clicking "Add to Cart."

Click "View Cart" then "Check Out."

You will need to enter your Information, Shipping, then Payment information.

When you get to Payment Information, use the last option, "Bank Draft or Money Order" (see below). 


Next, select Billing Address, then click the Pay Now button.  This will give you directions on where to mail your bank draft/ money order.

Once your payment clears, your item will be shipped to the address you specified, using the Shipping method you specified.

You are responsible for making monthly payments on your loan, according to the terms of your loan.

These consumer medical loans are ideal for purchasing the following high-end Pulsed EMF machines offered on this site:

Don't let cost be a reason to prevent you from achieving good health, especially when you have financing options.  Your health is priceless.