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Collection: Joint Mobilization (COMING SOON)

Joints are what enable you to move. They consist of the ends of two, articulating bones held snugly together by strong ligaments, but loose enough to allow the bones to move through an arc(s) of motion. Cartilage, a very smooth and resilient tissue, lines the end of each articulating bone.

But movement is not the only function of a joint. Joints are embedded with special nerve endings called mechanoreceptors that send positional information to the brain. When a joint is not moving properly due to a misalignment or fixation (stuck in a certain position) it can lead to accelerated degeneration of the cartilage and bone endings, due to abnormal pressure and abrasion, leading to spondylosis (abnormal wear and tear) or arthritis (joint inflammation; pain). It can also disrupt normal mechanoreceptor feedback to the brain which can contribute to muscle imbalance, decreased muscle coordination and increased susceptibility to injury. This is basically what chiropractors and other manual therapy practitioners treat.

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